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DOuroPreto history in the web is completelly linked to the PeopLink project.

Our comunitty is sprayed in the deeps of the rural area of Ouro Preto , and always had problems with comunication with the "external" world . Since 70's , the only market we had was the fairs , all over Brasil.
Between fairs , no deals . Our customers cannot reach us ; far ,unpaved hard roads and no phone.Bordando

The way our work is produced , with all working in her own home , impose the need of a computer to try to keep the caos organized , allowing physical control of the proccess , storage of information on sales to help planning , costs control , etc.
The natural choice was a notebook , that can go door-to-door , as we needed .

After some fights , the system allow an organization level that increase the production highly.
Very good , but how about markets ? We've started to drop prices , to ensure colocation of all
the production allowing keep the fractal growing rate of the community intact.
Was a non-sense actitude say no to anyone that wants to learn a hand-work ; the only way to the
community production grow is adding , literally , hands.
But drop prices has a limit , and we was seeing problems in near future  .

Suddenly , in 2002 , cell phone signal in the farm ... Very weak , but better than nothing.
Lets buy a phone and an external antenna. The guilt for this lines still remember the bright in the eyes of all looking
for the little toy
.Reading the manual someone say " this thing has internet capability ! ".
An idea was born. Let's buy a cable , we have a computer !

We learn that cell phones connections was very slow ,CELLANTENNA expensible and unstable , and that networks needs a completely different approach and concepts , different of a machine working alone .
A new world , at first view extremelly complicated.Much things to learn and very short available time .
Since our focus in the web was the external markets (Ouro Preto receive visitors of all the world and the interest of
them in our work always is vivid , some of them showing interests in re-sales ,etc) in our first try in a search engine we look 
"exportar artesanato" (exporting workmanship) and find in the Brazilian Ministry of Industry web-site a link to Crafts Center , were we was kindly redirect by Ms. Michelle Han to Mr. Salcedo , in PeopLink.

Dr. Salcedo show us a CatGen project . We study the way they operate and , surprised , see that was exactly what we was needing . Off-line work , simple to operate to people like us with no skills on the web , specifically designed for artisans groups . Fly on the first shoot...

We , naturally , have problems . Cell connections was very unstable and slow , speccialy with bad signal , expensive , and the files was growing . Here enter the CatGen Support Team , with his infinite patience.

After teach to zero-starters all the proccess , they offer us a personal care , allowing us to send our upgrades on the site in a ZIP format , with the crew taking the job of publish.
So much thanks to Mr. Alexey , team leader !
This was done at night  (low phone  rates) , when we go to a top of a mountain in the farm to have better and stable cell phone signal .
We  put all CELLCONN in our truck , and using a car battery charged during a day with a photovoltaic charger (heritage of our times with no eletric lines too...)spend 2-3 hours sending our files ( later we discover the Downloads Managers , that among with the team goodwill help us too much in this task...)

(Notebook , car battery , power inverter , 7160 cellphone , USB/Serial converter)

Meanwhile , in Ouro Preto , 35 Km away from the farm , was instaled a public broadband provider ; this allow us work under best conditions and give a holiday to the support. We start to save the work in a USB flash drive and do the e-mail read and answer and the site update in a public machine.

An evolution , but still slow proccess ; we see a message in a day , respond 2 days before and see the answer 2 days more.
And the visitation and sales growing ... What a tool !

As a happy end (or a new beggining ) we see a little provider of satellite conection borning in Rio de Janeiro state , near.
After some contacts and calculations we see that the site was deserving better resourses ; we was having many page-view/minute , contatcs and sales that , despite the slow proccess using cyber-coffees, was allowing us to not only support the fractal growing of the community , but research ways to speed up this.
We've had months with the site responding to 20% (!) of the total sales .
More work for all , less pricing due to scale ; more sales due to good prices ; inclusion of people even more far ,
of the core , turning economic agents people normally with few or none options , the rural women. 
Very good.VSAT

By now , we have sattelite 24hrs conection, cheaper than we spend before montly with cellphone calls ; a good deal... 

By now , we offer Skype , messengers , and soon a IP phone , freeing us from the cellphone high rates , as channels
between us and our customers ; we have clients in USA, Germany, Portugal, UK and Spain , and we can talk to them cheaper than calling the neighbour...

Please note that all the proccess not take more than 4 years , surprising us at each step.
We have now a fully functional e-shop , allowing us , from the deeps of the rural area , reach our customers on-line , real time , sometimes with people from the other side of the planet.
Brave new world...

Our sincere thanks to all the people involved in the proccess. Please be proud , all of you.
Thanks to your work , a more improbably enterprise that could be access to the Web is selling his work worldwide , providing work and keeping alive a tradition that was vanishing here , the manual embroidery. Keep moving ! Do the same to more people !

And you , artisans groups around the world , dream too ! Contact these guys , they are great ...

Crushing []s for you all , from DOuroPreto Team !

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